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A rice cooker comparison chart is available here.

KW57 1.8L Buffalo Smart Cooker 
KW57 1.8L Buffalo Smart Cooker  

Comes with 3-ply stainless steel Buffalo Enco rice pot.


  • Capacity 1.8L
  • Product weight 5.3kg
  • LCD colour display panel (cooking mode in orange; keep warm mode in green)
  • 8 cooking functions: White Rice, Brown Rice, Porridge, Quick Cook (white rice only), Claypot Cooking, Steam, Soup & Cake
  • Preset timer; Reheat function
  • Accessories: stainless steel inner pot, stainless steel steamer, rice scoop, rice scoop holder, measuring cup & batteries x 2

  Item: Qty:
Name: KW57 1.8L Buffalo Smart Cooker
Dimension: 425L x 280W x 250H mm