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Eco Kitchen Mixer (KM5021TEC) 
Eco Kitchen Mixer (KM5021TEC)  

Eco Kitchen Mixer/Faucet with Pullout Hose.

  • Made in Japan
  • Comes with pull-out hose
  • Two water form - small grain shower and straight flow
  • Water efficient (PUB 2 ticks)




  Item: Qty:
Name: KM5021TEC Mixer
Dimension: 320L x 220H x 52Dia mm

SCB42 U-Faucet 
SCB42 U-Faucet  

Hole Dimension: 22mm-32mm


  Item: Qty:
Name: SCB42 U-Faucet
Dimension: 250W x 350H mm

SCB42 L-Faucet 
SCB42 L-Faucet  

Hole Dimension:22mm-32mm


  Item: Qty:
Name: SCB42 L-Faucet
Dimension: 250W x 350H mm

SCUV-803 UV Faucet 
SCUV-803 UV Faucet  

UV Faucet Features:

  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Kills 99.9% microorganisim
  • Uses CCFL UV technology; energy-saving
  • UV wavelength 185/254mn & 0.2PPM O3; dual sterilisation
  • Activate automatically for a minute every hour, ensuring the inner faucet is clean
  • Light panel indicator

*Dimension stated exclude rod & UV module.


  Item: Qty:
Name: SCUV-803
Dimension: 284H mm (curved 130mm)

Filter Tap 
Filter Tap  

Hole Dimension: 22mm 


  Item: Qty:
Name: Filter Tap
Dimension: 250H x 160W mm

SCK1B Functional Faucet 
SCK1B Functional Faucet  

Hole Dimension: 32mm - 34mm


  Item: Qty:
Name: SCK1B
Dimension: 270W x 320H mm