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Eco Clean Oil Dissolver 
Eco Clean Oil Dissolver  


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • No added colour
  • No preservatives
  • No added fragrance
  • Non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • Environmentally-friendly

How to use EcoClean?

Method 1: 80ml oil + 10ml EcoClean + 1000ml water (to form a cleaning agent)

Method 2: Spray some EcoClean on oily plates and utensils, add some water and swab, the grease dissolves. Washing becomes quick, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Method 3: Use the oven often? Stubborn oil stains may form and it is difficult to remove. Just spray some EcoClean and use a wet cloth to wipe the oven and the stains will be gone. Grease form on cooker hood, table top or floor can now be easily rid of.


  Item: Qty:
Name: Eco Clean Oil Dissolver
Dimension: 50ml

Name: Eco Clean Oil Dissolver
Dimension: 250ml