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Buffalo Series | Air Fryer

Watch our video here: Air Fryer

KW59 Multi-Functional Air Fryer 
KW59 Multi-Functional Air Fryer  

Buffalo Air Fryer - oil free, smoke free and chemical free multi-functional cooking appliance.

  • Capacity: 10 litres
  • Comes with 8 cooking stainless steel accessories (tong, baking cage, chicken fork, low/high rack, baking pan, steak cage, skewer rack & holder)
  • Features: pause & rotate; easy to clean; suitable for dish washer; stainless steel shield and inner pot.
  • Techinical parameters:
    • Power: 1200W - 1400W
    • Voltage: 220V - 240V; 50/60Hz
    • Cooking temperature: 50 - 230 degree



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Name: KW59
Dimension: 460L x 330H mm (10L)