Water Filter
Filtered water for healthier living. Our water filters come in various functions and sizes to fit different needs and space.

Stainless Steel Material
Our water filter is made of quality stainless steel with seamless one-piece casing. It is durable and safe.

Various Filter Cartridge
Depending of the model selected, our water filter cartridge includes Japanese Fibre Active Carbon Filter, Royal DOULTON ceramic filter and/or Mineral Energy Filter. The filters will help to reduce chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria in the water.

Ease of Maintenance
The water filter is designed specifically with “DIY” intention. You can replace the cartridge yourself without the need of a technician. Just buy the cartridge when it is time to change (usually 12 to 24 months depending on usage) and replace it.

Complete your sink and water filter system renovation with our faucet. Choose from simple mixer to sophisticated pull-out hose with adjustable flow intensity.